Child of Grace WINS at the 2015 Emerge Film Festival!

Our World Premiere of Child of Grace opened to a packed house last weekend at the 400 seat Franco Center Theatre in Lewiston, Maine. Director Ian McCrudden, actresses Emma Myles and Maggie Elizabeth Jones, and myself were all in attendance. I'm proud to announce that we received three awards at the festival, including Best Actor, Best Actress, and the People’s Choice Award.

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Child of Grace World Premiere at Emerge Film Festival

It's an exciting month for Sternman Productions! Our full-length drama/mystery feature, Child Of Grace, will be having its World Premiere screening at The Emerge Film Festival in Lewiston, Maine on Friday, April 10th.  We open and headline the festival at the 400 seat Franco Center Theatre.

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Exciting projects in 2015 for Sternman Productions

It's a Happy 2015 New Year for Sternman Productions as we launch into 2 film projects in development , "The Cutting" and "The Invested", and as we prepare to mount the new play by Dominic Hoffman, "Dinosaurs", in NYC . Our 2014 baby, "Child of Grace", is in negotiations for distribution and soon I'll be making announcements on how and where to see the film in 2015. We are just in the process of securing an actress for our backers and producers reading in late January at the Producers Club in mid...

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Why I'm channeling Stephen King

People ask me why I'm channeling Stephen King and the answer is that I'm seeking for the creepy and bone chilling inspiration. Like Stephen King,  I too get inspired by the great isolation in Maine and I'm heading up to northern Maine to sequester myself in a small cabin so that I might imagine something very dark and terrifying. I'll spend five days in eerie isolation as I let my mind wander down dark alleys to see what evil lurks there.

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Latest News

The latest film by Sternman Productions Child Of Grace starring Maggie Elizabeth Jones, Ted Levine and Thomas Hildreth will hit the film festival circuit in 2015 while a distribution deal to combine a limited theatrical release with a major TV presentation and a marketing campaign to reach out to both the faith-based and veterans communities throughout the United States is underway. Stay posted on news for Child Of Grace. Also in development at Sternman Productions NY is the new play Dinosaurs b...

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First Peek Screenings: Child of Grace

Sternman Productions is proud to roll out a series of screenings of Child of Grace for the cast and crew and select guests starting with LA on August 11th and then in NY on September 8th. We are also presenting screenings on Vinalhaven Maine (where Sternman's Islander was filmed) on August 21st and 23rd. These are "free" screenings for the community and donations will benefit the Vinalhaven School drama department.

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First Peek Screenings

We are gearing up for first peek special screenings of Child of Grace in Los Angeles on August 11th, New York on September 8th, and even a special screening on Vinalhaven Island in Maine on August 21st. This whirlwind series will feature talkback sessions with actors Maggie Elizabeth Jones, Ted Levine, and Thomas Hildreth and director Ian McCrudden. News for the film's distribution as well as film festivals all TBA… stay posted!

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Child of Grace Unveiled

Sternman Productions unveils Child of Grace this summer with screenings in Los Angeles, New York and Maine and while distribution is still TBD we are showing the film to cast and crew, friends and family. Child of Grace, directed by Ian McCrudden, is a moving mystery drama starring Maggie Elizabeth Jones, Ted Levine and Thomas Hildreth.

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