IN DEVELOPMENT: The Code of Hammurabi

IN DEVELOPMENT: The Code of Hammurabi

And our latest film in development: The Code of Hammurabi. It's a taut, fast-paced thriller centered around the machinations of a Wall Street bank at the precipice of the 2008 financial crisis.

"On Wall St., there are no rules when you're the only one who can break them."

Many films have been made about the near collapse of the world financial system in 2008, focused primarily on deepening the viewers' understanding of the factual record and key players involved.
The Code of Hammurabi sets out to accomplish something different.

Rather than depicting a historically accurate account of all persons and events, our film uses "the rough outlines and textures of Wall Street's flirtation with economic disaster to speculate on the notions of human conduct, the conduct that lies at the heart of nearly every man-made disaster... We see all the elements of human conflict: alliance, greed, rivalry, sexual manipulation, betrayal, conspiracy and most importantly clashing ethics. The principle characters as in all good drama struggle mightily to balance inner desires, exterior circumstances and moral dilemma. There are no simple 'white hats' and 'black hats', but sharp slashing portraits of complex human beings wearing the shaded headgear of compromised principle. The characters are fictional, but the issues driving them are all too real." 
   -Emmy award-winner Ron Canada (director, The Invested theatrical premiere)

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